Thursday, March 23, 2017

Evening chimes

Evening chimes

By May Kwek

Grey slants strolled down the corridor
As I watch quietly by
The end of the day is coming
And the world’s waving goodbye

The blue sky has turned whiter
Like whispers of mist
The wind blows softly now
Like a goodbye kiss

The trees are losing their shine
As the skies turn grey
Sunset is soon but not yet!
It’s only nearing the end of day

Flowers fold their buds to sleep
The birds return to their nests
The songs of morning are now quiet
As fits this peaceful time best

You would have thought me sad
That a beautiful day had to end
But nay, I still smile
For I have the wind for a friend

And the wind would not let any mourn
Or even frown at the end of a day
For it flew in and sang to me
Before it went on its way

And it brushed the wind chime as it flew
And how those chimes sang!
Crystal clear, bright and light
Like a silver bell they rang!

And as I listened to its song
Each note seemed to say
Enjoy the night and its splendor
For tomorrow’s another beautiful day

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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