Friday, May 29, 2015

Three teacups

Three teacups

By May Kwek

Three little teacups sitting in a row
The first is brown, the second is gold
The third is made of a silver bright
And it sparkles like the moon at night

But what is that compared to gold?
Gifted as it is with the Sun’s glow
But which teacup should I choose?
There’s only one which I may use

The brown teacup is made of homely earth
But admittedly of not much worth
The silver and gold cups sparkle and shine
I must say they look mighty fine

The tea will taste the same in all
So it makes nothing less or more
The design of each is exactly the same
All fit the purpose for which I came

It’s a hard choice I strangely find
Because of the wishes in my mind
Should I pick silver or gold?
But brown will do as well I know

In the end I take the brown cup home
The other two I left alone
Because I know if you did not
That tea in a metal cup is very hot!

Copyright © 2015 by May Kwek

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