Friday, May 29, 2015

The Broken Mirror

The Broken Mirror

By May Kwek

I was walking somewhere far from home
Where you could see the impossible fly
And then something in the gutter
Seemed to catch my eye

A flash of light
I though I saw it there
But when I looked
I could find no source anywhere

Another flash of light
But this time I caught the cause
A broken mirror
Given up for lost

Its edges were jagged and sharp
But it was very bright
The sky in its eyes
Were filled with light

The birds flew merrily
When I gazed into its depths
And songs flowed out like water
When you turn on the tap

Yet it was broken
This poor mirror
And so never seen to be of any use
Forever in error

It was thrown out with the garbage
Left to slowly fade away
Never to ever see
The light and hope of day

But I liked what I saw
In its clear reflection
I brought it home
And polished it to perfection

I smoothed out the edges
Kept the jagged shape
Set it in a frame
But had to hold it there with tape

It hangs now in my home
Bright on the wall
And if I ever need hope or encouragement
I look there and see it all

Copyright © 2015 by May Kwek

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