Sunday, October 28, 2012

Letter to a sick friend

Letter to a sick friend

By May Kwek

My dear, dear friend
I am sorry to hear of your illness
And just as sorry I cannot come
To lighten up your day and to bring you some

Distraction from the pain
Which I know must be great
But events kept me away
And I couldn’t wait

So I thought to send a smile
In this poem
It has taken a while
But I hope you can listen

Yes listen, can you hear the wind?
The birds chirping and the life within
Can you hear the children playing with their ball?
Like we did once before

 Look out the window
Glaze at the sky
Once you are better
We can fly

And do all the things we wished to do
And then I will be back with you
Look at the sky and remember my promise
When you are better we shall do this!

Stretch out your hand to the open window
And feel the wind between your fingers
And the warm of the summer sun shinning
I bet that now you are smiling

There! You see I have send you a smile
I had to get nature to do it so it took a while
Smile! Laugh and get better!
And I will come visit sooner

Get well my friend!
I will see you soon
Wait for me!
I’ll be there soon!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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