Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainbow's gold

Rainbow's gold

By May Kwek

People often say
That a rainbow has gold
And for a long time curiosity
Has held on to my soul

Is there really gold?
Solid, hard and cold?
If so I must find it 
And with my own eyes behold it

And so I set out on this quest
To find a rainbow only the best!
And now I see a rainbow before me
Oh my it certainly is a beauty!

All the seven colours
Curved in a perfect arch
What a joy Noah must have had
To have seen this from the ark

But I must not dally
My goal is now before me
Rainbow's gold! Rainbow's gold!
Now my excitement I must control!

Eagerly I run up
To seize this treasure in my hands
But to my surprise
The rainbow vanished at the end!

"Where is it? Where is it?"
I pound hard at the dirt
"Where is it? Where is it?"
Now my hands really hurt!

But the truth is dawning on me
And the light I finally see
That many a wishful dream
Is simply that-A dream!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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