Monday, February 6, 2012

Hopes for first day of JC/Poly

Hopes for the first day of JC/Poly

By May Kwek

Our first day, a new beginning
When our hopes and dreams start their flying
Soaring lightly on the gentle wind
While time’s next chapter quietly takes wing

Making new friends and seeing new faces
With many things happening in different places
With new lessons that need to be learnt
And experience’s wisdom to be heard

Facing all this I hope all will be well
Then what stories shall I have to tell!
What new adventures would my way
As I start every new day!

I hope I can weather any storms I shall face
And that on my life no scars they will trace
That with each new storm I will grow ever stronger
And that I will be a child no longer

I hope I shall not mourn and weep
But instead have memories I am glad to keep
To store up as an intangible treasure
Whose worth only I can measure

And so now on our first day
Let us keep a smiling face
And brave whatever comes our way
And march into the future come what may!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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