Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seasons of promise

Seasons of promise

By May Kwek

When spring touched the sky this year
I gave you a daisy fair
Small and slight though it was
It was tended with loving care

It swayed gaily in the spring breeze
Laughed in joy at the sun
With the fullness of youth and innocence
Of a life just begun

But spring blossomed into summer
And cares the daisy fades
So I gave you a lily white
As a gentle wish instead

It bloomed with the season
Shone like snow in the sun
As pure and as sweet from the beginning
Till its time was done

But I would not have you mourn dear heart
For the summer past, never forgotten
So I gave you an Iris bright
As summer burned into autumn

It was as violet as the heart of the sea
Quiet and sedate
Yet burning at the centre
With hope, wisdom and faith

It grew strong and true
Till the last flame of autumn fell
Then it was pressed into a book
To be kept safe and well

And as winter’s biting cold blew in
I placed the last pink carnation in your hand
As a promise honoured and true
I’ll never forget you, my friend

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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