Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summary of discontent

Summary of discontent

By May Kwek

Well dear readers
Its strange don’t you think?
That despite all their differences
The same tune they sing

Personally I would have thought
That the differences in wealth
Might have mattered as much to them
As the state of their health

But ah it seems we are all caught
In the winter of our discontent
What can I say?
We see things as men

The grass is greener on the other side
So the old saying says
But let’s all cheer up
We still have today

Whether we are near 
Or whether we are far
See things as we hope 
Or see things as they are

Perhaps for a moment in our minds
Examine our troubles and perhaps find
That they are so small after all
And reasons to be happy are much more

At least I find that is the case for me
When behind pessimism’s curtain I occasionally see
And finally look around and say
“What a fool I am let’s be happy today”

Copyright © 2015 by May Kwek

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